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Specialist Master's Direct Train

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Course Introduction

The U.K. Pathway is a "tailor-made" bridge course for Chinese college students who are preparing to study in the UK for a master's degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It aims to fully prepare Chinese students for academic, psychological, and future career planning. To make it a professional talent with international competitiveness.

This project connects with famous British and American schools certified by the Ministry of Education. It aims to create a real and authentic Western education environment for students, help students quickly master foreign learning methods, adapt to overseas life in advance, and shorten the period of studying abroad to ensure student stability. transition. After one year of study, students can not only smoothly realize the transition from Chinese-style education methods to Western-style education methods, but also to a certain extent possess the language skills, professional knowledge, and learning skills required for foreign professional study, and can smoothly enter the United Kingdom that suits them. Famous school.

Course Advantage
品牌知名度高的国际硕士直通车课程,对接英美众多名校,文理工商、艺术、法律等数百专业; 1The international master's train program with high brand recognition, connecting to many famous universities in Britain and the United States, hundreds of majors such as liberal arts, commerce, arts, law, etc .;

由上海交通大学及国外名校特派师资联合执教,专职班主任、教学助理、生活老师全面管理;真正体验我校学术氛围,提升学术及语言能力; 2 Co-taught by special teachers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and famous foreign schools, full-time class teacher, teaching assistant, and life teacher; fully experience the academic atmosphere of our university and improve academic and language skills;

3 Students are all included in the enrollment plan of the partner university in China, with equal priority for admission;

互动式小班授课:每班学生不超过30人; 4 Interactive small classes: less than 30 students per class;

国内知名留学咨询团队,一对一贴心职业规划和留学指导; 5 Well-known domestic study consulting team, one-on-one intimate career planning and study abroad guidance;

先国内学习,再国外深造,轻松应对国外名校申请及国外全英文学习环境障碍,节省留学费 用达15万以上; 6 Study at home first, then study abroad, easily deal with the obstacles of foreign famous universities' applications and full English learning environment abroad, and save the cost of studying abroad by more than 150,000;

IPMP 助你做好攻读英美硕士的四大准备 7 IPMPs to help you prepare for the Anglo-American Master's degree

申请准备—英美名校及奖学金申请难度一向很大,很多学生了解的晚并没有做好充分的思想及学习准备; a. Application preparation—British and American universities and scholarships have always been difficult to apply, and many students did not make enough thoughts and preparations to learn late.

学术准备—顺利实现语言突破并跨越中西教育模式及体制差异; b. Academic preparation—successfully achieve language breakthroughs and cross Chinese and Western educational models and institutional differences;

适应多元文化的准备—有效实现跨文化沟通交流; c. Preparation for adapting to multiple cultures-effectively achieving cross-cultural communication;

d.   Preparation for self-planning-to create a successful life and good career development space.

全过程跟踪服务 8 Whole process tracking service , From enrollment to application, from rhetoric to visa, from overseas pick-up to foreign university study, all follow one-to-one guidance; from time to time, meetings with famous overseas schools are held so that students and parents can correctly choose the appropriate university and major.

teaching methods

. 课程的教学方式包括适当的以教材为基础的大课堂讲座,小组讨论会,研讨会,个人/小组学习及一对一辅导。 1. The teaching methods of the course include appropriate textbook-based large class lectures, group discussions, seminars, individual / group learning and one-on-one tutoring. Among them, through classroom lectures, teachers explain and penetrate the course content; through group discussions, encourage students to dare to express their views and cultivate students 'teamwork and division of labor; personal self-study focuses on training students' self-study ability, given by the teacher Bibliography, students check it by themselves, and then summarize the answer; one-on-one tutoring provides students with feedback on personal learning progress and solves problems they may encounter;

. 根据课程及学生特点,以上教学方式在每门课程中各有侧重,灵活运用,确保学生能在最大程度上掌握所学知识; 2. According to the curriculum and the characteristics of the students, the above teaching methods have their own emphasis and flexibility in each course to ensure that students can master the knowledge they have learned to the maximum extent;

. 所有课程均采用中外教结合全英文授课形式。 3. All courses are taught in English with Chinese and foreign teachers.

Learning planning

Completion criteria

获得所有学分,每门课程最低分达到总分的60%,如考试未通过需补考 1. Get all the credits, the minimum score of each course reaches 60% of the total score, if the exam fails, a supplementary exam is required

雅思达到6分或托福79分以上 2.IELTS score of 6 or TOEFL score of 79 or higher

teaching objectives

This course aims at improving students' language level, professional knowledge, test-taking ability and adaptability.

提升学生语言考试成绩,达到英美名校申请条件,并争取申请到奖学金; 1. Improve students' language test scores, meet the application requirements of prestigious British and American schools, and strive to apply for scholarships;

提高学生语言水平,力争达到国外生活学习环境的语言要求; 2. Improve students' language level and strive to meet the language requirements of living and learning environments abroad;

铺垫学生专业知识基础,如未来所选专业的学术英语以及专业领域知识; 3. Pave the students' professional knowledge foundation, such as academic English and professional field knowledge of the selected major in the future;

让学生提前了解英美国情、教育体制以及相关学校专业等,熟悉英美大学学习与生活; 4. Let students know the British and American situation, education system and related school majors in advance, and be familiar with the study and life of British and American universities;

增强学生自觉学习能力,使之从被动学习到主动求知; 5. Enhance students' conscious learning ability, from passive learning to active learning;

通过有针对性的辅导,帮助学生完成心理上的过渡,为将来独立学习及生活做好准备 6. Through targeted counseling, help students complete the psychological transition and prepare for independent study and life in the future

This course consists of two semesters of one-year full-time courses, with one week at the end of each semester as an exam week. On average, there are 30 lessons per week and 20 hours of tutoring.



teaching objectives

Basic Quality Module

Field survival training

Hone your will and strengthen your organization and coordination

Increase social awareness, awareness of social crisis and sense of responsibility

Internship Module

English Proficiency Module

IELTS / PTE basics

Master vocabulary of more than 5000, meet the IELTS / PTE standard, consolidate the foundation of English, and systematically improve the ability of English application

Analyze IELTS / PTE problem-solving strategies, analyze test skills, and improve IELTS / PTE test level

IELTS / PTE enhancement

IELTS / PTE breakthrough

IELTS / PTE Sprint

Top University Sprint Module (optional)

二选一) GRE / GMAT ( choose one)

Comprehensive exposure to the GRE / GMAT test content, familiar with the question type, grasp the test trend, conduct GRE / GMAT actual combat simulation, and improve test results

Professional Academic Module

Academic English

Pre-learn and master basic professional knowledge of foreign public courses, solid academic foundation, improve professional course learning ability, and reduce study pressure for studying abroad

Analytical writing



Speech and eloquence

computer application

Principles of Management (Elective)

Research methods and learning skills

Quality Extension Module

Anglo-American University Visit (Optional)

Exercise the basic adaptability of foreign studies in advance and learn about British and American history

Cultural behavior characteristics, visiting foreign universities, and personally experiencing foreign university lifestyles

British and American History and Culture

Overseas study guidance

    Entry Requirements

    Graduated from college, students who have completed college or above, or employees who have college education or above (eventually must have college diploma)

    English grade: equivalent to IELTS 4.5 (TOEFL 54) or higher (with transcript) or pass our school entrance test

    Final college average score is above 70

    Charge Details
    Registration fee of 500 yuan (non-refundable)

    68,000 tuition in the UK


    Excluding teaching materials, accommodation and third party fees

    Free consultation and application guidance for 5 foreign universities

    Docking Professional

    Financial management

    International business

    human resource Management

    Computer information system

    International business



    Aviation Industry Engineering

    Environmental science

    Mathematics and Statistics

    Sports Business Management

    Garden planning


    international law



    Business management

    Advertising and marketing

    Environmental laws and policies

    Marketing management

    Risk and disaster management

    International Sports Management

    Tourism management

    Logistics management

    Environmental Engineering

    International Tourism Management

    City planning

    Strategic market management

    Investment management

    Software engineering

    Electronics and Computer Engineering

    Mechanical engineering

    Mechanical Engineering and Automation

    Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Materials Engineering

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Mechanical Design


    Public administration


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