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Grow in Roots-Speech by Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University at the Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony 2018

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    转载 上海交通大学校长林忠钦2018年交大本科毕业生典礼暨学位授予仪式上讲话。 The School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University reproduced the speech delivered by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University President Lin Zhongqin at the 2018 Jiaotong University undergraduate ceremony and degree awarding ceremony. On the morning of July 8, 2018, during the 2018 undergraduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, President Lin Zhongqin delivered a speech entitled "Growing in Roots" and sent his affectionate message to the 2018 graduates.


Grow in roots

——Speech at the Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony 2018

Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University

July 8, 2018

Dear students,

good morning, everyone! Today's graduation ceremony is an important moment for you. First of all, on behalf of the school, I congratulate you on your success in your studies! I wish you all a good future from JTU!

Four years are precious and memorable. You have gained the first degree in your life at Jiaotong University, and you have grown up in your youthful beauty. You have faded away from the adolescence when you entered the school, established a complete knowledge system, and have the ability to serve the society; you have cultivated your independent thinking qualities and formed mature values. The university is a nursery for educating people. After college life, you have grown into saplings that are green. You are about to go to a wider land and start new growth. In the new environment, students will inevitably face many realistic problems, and the most important thing is to take root. How to grow in roots? I want to give you three suggestions, and I hope to give you some inspiration.

First, the roots must hold. We often say that for ten years, the growth of trees has its inherent natural laws. In the case of ginkgo trees, folks have the saying that "three-year survival is not alive, and ten-year ginkgo begins to form." The root system of Ginkgo has a decisive effect on its growth. If the roots planted in the ground do not grow well, it will be difficult to grow up after all, even if they can sprout. Trees need roots to grow, and so do humans. After graduation, whether you continue your studies or get directly employed, over time, you will generally face two "life choices". The first time was about three years. After adapting to the new environment, we must be able to calm down. Seemingly jumping around smartly, he missed the best time to nourish and grow. The second choice is about ten years. In a unit that persists for ten years, the graduates of Jiaotong University can become the backbone of the unit and stand on their own. At this time, they can continue to settle without changing their original intentions, and they will eventually practice their true skills and achieve great results .

Each of the graduates of Jiaotong University has a lot of choices to take root. The 2009 doctoral student Zhu Minghua came to Jiangnan Shipyard because of his industry feelings. He was stumbling around in the factory workshop, holding the belief that “doing hard things must be gained”, and became “brothers” with production lines, cutting machines, and hydraulic presses. He led the team to provoke the beams of the three-dimensional experience platform project. Forge ahead on the journey. Ignoring the olive branch thrown at him by other units, he tightly combined his career with the development of Jiangnan Shipyard, and he wanted to work with the team to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation to show his style in the transformation and development of China's shipbuilding industry. .

Classmates, "who is not strong is not intelligent". There is never an "optimal solution" in the road of life. Step by step, it may not be the global optimum. The pragmatic nature of the Jiaotong University is not just seeking benefits, but solid steps. I hope that everyone will not be lost, but should be rooted in the roots of career and life.

Second, the roots must be broad. How developed the root system of a tree is, how lush the branches and leaves are. The big banyan tree not only has "vegetative roots" deeply rooted in the ground, but also thousands of "aerial roots" can be grown on the branches. There is also inspiration for the growth of people. When choosing a career, we must not only be able to take root and work hard, but also be able to continuously expand our career and be full of vitality.

Academician Ding Wenjiang of our school is a typical example of taking root in the research and development of light alloy materials without breaking the boundaries of Xinjiang. Ding Wenjiang has been engaged in magnesium alloy research since the 1980s. Although magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminum alloy, its shortcomings such as flammability, softness, and instability make it difficult to be applied by cutting-edge engineering. Ding Wenjiang and his team continue to try to explore, skillfully combine magnesium and rare earths, break through key technologies, and develop high-performance heavy rare-earth magnesium alloys, which provides strong support for the development of China's aerospace and defense industry. In recent years, he has also made gratifying results in magnesium-based energy materials and made new articles.

Graduated from undergraduate school, a large number of your classmates have chosen to continue their studies on the academic road and strive for it. You must have not only the “real” of Jiaotong University but also the “live” of Jiaotong University. It is not simply flexible and concise, but keeping Create vitality. We must deepen and deepen our roots, take the dare to be the first, follow the path that no one has ever gone before, and make a new leap in each self-transcendence!

Finally, I hope that you will never forget what you are rooted for. When our senior Qian Xuesen was working in the northwest, he respected the poplar forest in Gobi. In the vast desert, Populus euphratica is a hero against wind and sand. They firmly root their roots where they are needed most, and let the sun shine and the sand blow away for thousands of years. A few Populus euphratica can fix a few acres of sand. A Populus euphratica forest forms a powerful green barrier. Their roots are tightly connected to regulate the climate, conserve water and turn the desert into an oasis. On Populus euphratica, not only the beauty of stubborn growth, but also the pride of dedication.

In May this year, I attended the inaugural meeting of the Hunan Alumni Association. The story of the generation of Academician Liu Youmei made me deeply moved. In 1961, Liu Youmei and a group of students majoring in locomotive at Jiaotong University were assigned to Zhuzhou, Hunan. At that time, Zhuzhou was still an unknown town. There was only one Zhuzhou Tianxin Locomotive Factory for steam locomotives, and it has become the capital of China's electric locomotives. Thanks to the efforts of their generation, Zhuzhou, a "city dragged by trains", has become a modern industrial city with international influence. Liu Youmei and his classmates take root here and carry forward the "locomotive spirit" of the city. They have independently developed and independently developed four generations of electric locomotives. Series products such as energy-storage transportation vehicles and "China Star" are the precious wealth left by the generation of Academician Liu Youmei to Zhuzhou and the country.

Students, youth is the future of the country and nation. Taking root is not only for the thriving growth of individuals, but also for the future and destiny of the country and nation. Only generations of young people can take root in all walks of life and fight against the currents, our country can flourish, and our nation can be glorious and sustainable! It is better to be a deep mountain tree than a greenhouse grass! This is the integrity and responsibility of Jiaotong University!

Today, in this new era, the baton of history will be handed to you. I hope that every student starting from the Jiaotong University will be able to take root, broaden it, and firmly root it in the great country of the motherland , Live up to life, live up to the mission of the times.

No matter where your branches extend in the future, our alma mater is always here to watch your growth! May you be luxuriant and endlessly talented!

thank you all!

Network Education of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Continuing Education